Training Materials & Downloads

A Contractor’s Guide to Bonding

Learn how to get started preparing the company to obtain surety bonds. Attendees will understand:

  • What a surety bond is and how it differs from insurance
  • How to increase your bonding
  • The benefits of bonding
AASHTO Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide

Learn about a wide range of financing options, including how lending institutions evaluate loan applications and which financing options are better suited for different business situations.  Key areas covered include:

  • How to successfully compete for a Caltrans Contract
  • Attributes of a good accounting system
  • Safe Harbor indirect cost rate
Accounting & Understanding Financial Statements

Learn about the financial aspects of running your business and understanding what your financial statements are telling you. The workshop will focus on:

  • Concept and need for cash flow statements
  • Defining & managing cash basis-cash flow
  • Defining & managing capital basis-cash flow
  • Developing a cash forecast
Basic Quickbooks

Learn about the basic setup and operations of Quickbooks. Attendees will understand:

  • Transactions
  • Payroll (Overview)
  • Banking
  • Reports
Business Opportunities

Learn how to access web-based business opportunities through various websites and bid search engines. Key areas of the course will include;

  • New business opportunities
  • Sign up for bid notifications
  • Review Caltrans website for new bids (Cal eProcure)
  • Identifying adequate NAICS codes for your business
  • Other related functions

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Business Plan Development

Learn how to finalize your business concepts and develop an effective business plan. Key areas will include:

  • Defining your target market
  • Understanding your competition
  • Evaluating your business concept and model

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Business Structures

Gain better understanding of the legal entities for your business and things you should consider as an employer. Attendees will understand:

  • Key employee issues and rules
  • Workers compensation requirements
  • How mechanic lines, stop notices, and payment bonds work
California Prevailing Wage Rate
Learn how to comply with California prevailing wage requirements. Key areas covered include:
  • Properly classifying your employees
  • Selecting the right prevailing rate
  • Prevailing wage regulations
  • Contract clauses, and more
Cash Flow Management

Learn about cash flow statements and management. Attendees will understand:

  • Concept and need for cash flow statements
  • Difference between cash flow report and cash flow forecast
  • Developing a cash forecast
Cal-OSHA Regulations & Recordkeeping

Learn about CalOSHA recordkeeping requirements and other requirements and variances. Attendees will understand:

  • Recording versus reporting
  • Exemptions for smaller employees
  • Major differences between State and Federal standards
Construction Safety

Learn about how to develop and implement your safety program. Attendees will understand:

  • The importance of a safety program
  • Elements of a safety program
  • How to implement a safety program
DBE Certification Application

Learn about the DBE certification process and how it can help your business grow. Participants will learn the following:

  • Objectives of the DBE Program
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • How certification can help your business

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Estimating and Bidding Construction Contracts

DBEs will gain a better understanding of:

  • How to estimate labor rates
  • What makes a successful bid /estimate
  • Construction material takeoffs
  • Production rates and yardsticks
  • How to use job cost to become a successful estimator.
  • Indirect costs (Do you understand your overhead and G&A costs?)
  • How to calculate your profit
Federal Prevailing Wage – Davis Bacon

Learn how to comply with Davis Bacon Act. Key areas covered include:

  • Properly classifying your employees
  • Selecting the right prevailing rate
  • Prevailing wage regulations
  • Contract clauses, and more
How to Read Plans and Specifications

Attendees will learn:

  • The basic understanding of what is included in specifications
  • How important are the front sections of specifications
  • The relationship between specifications, plans, addendums & contract
  • How to interpret the meaning of and action required from specs
  • The definition of lines, symbols, notes, sections, schedules, and views
  • Other specifications related topics
Managing Your Business 

Learn the basic of building a strong foundation for your business. Attendees will understand:

  • Reasons why businesses succeed or fail
  • The importance of assessing the leader’s readiness to manage their business
  • How to develop a strong foundation through the vision, mission, and core values of the business

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Marketing Your Business for Growth

Learn how to apply marketing strategies to build business success. Participants will learn:

  • How to best position their business for growth
  • The keys to customer satisfaction to improve customer loyalty

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Pre-Bid Conferences, Prime & Subcontractors Relations

This class will help DBE subcontractors understand key factors to establishing good teaming and subcontracting relationships with prime contractors. The class will cover the following areas:

  • Pre-Bid meetings
  • Teaming arrangements
  • Requirements for meeting key contract clauses
  • Ensuring responsiveness to bid requirements
  • Understanding prime contractor requirements

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Pricing and Proposing Professional Services

Learn how to create and price a winning proposal . Attendees will learn:

  • Different types of service contracts
  • How to overcome the affects of design/build or at risk projects
  • About joint-ventures, partnering, and building relationships
Project Management

DBEs will gain a better understanding of:

  • The basic principles and practices of project management using a systematic repeatable approach
  • The tools that support the planning and execution of a successful project
  • Becoming familiar with control and measurement techniques.
Short Term Loans & Lines of Credit

This class will help DBE and small business firms learn about a wide range of financing options including how lending institutions evaluate loan applications and which financing options are better suited for different business situations. Participants will understand:

  • Types of loans available to small businesses
  • Lines of credit available to small businesses
  • How to use credit to grow your business
Understanding Insurance Requirements

Learn about the different types of insurance and standard insurance requirements. Key areas covered include:

  • Workers Compensation
  • First Party, Third Party Coverages
  • Builders Risk
Winning Presentation Skills for Small Businesses

Learn about the elements of an effective presentation as well as ways to prepare and manage stress and anxiety. Attendees will understand:

  • Presentation skills
  • How to prepare for a persuasive presentation
  • Discover ways to use non-verbal communications, speech variety, visual aids and managing expectations for the presentation